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Assistant marketing lead

West Midland Combined authority

Marketing lead/ content creator: 12 week contract

For 12 weeks, I led the marketing and youth engagement for the new West Midland's Combined authority Young board. 

Leading the marketing included tasks such as making an advert, website, twitter, and marketing assets for the board. 

Within the first 12 days of opening applications, we had managed to get 30 applicants. The number of applicants so far was brilliant as it displayed how well the board's outreach was going. 

We also sent emails to various youth centers offering free workshops which looked at the board and helped regarding accessibility. The workshops offered were free for the centers. 

'Young Giant' employed me for this role after seeing me excel in courses and on professional projects previously.  

Website link to young combined authority site

Website link to young combined authority site 

off the record 25th anniversary poster


Off The Record, 25th Anniversary poster

Feedback from self-devised 'digital media and the industry' workshop (aged 14-16)

"we learnt about the basics of youtube, photography, photo and video editing.

I really loved how she explained it too because she sounded very passionate about it, like she really enjoyed what she does.

Also, she answered any of the questions we had very clearly making sure we understood completely.

It made me want to look up, research more of things like this because I found it really interesting

We learn basics of youtube too which helped to understand mostly how all youtubers are different as their needs to be a niche."

"We learnt how to be successfully self employed and how to make a stable job out of something that you love to do as a hobby.

We learnt how to video edit and photoshop to make youtube videos more enticing and I found this really interesting because it showed me how you can make a video or picture more intriguing by editing the colour of the background or adding pictures and statistics and mysterious music to conspiracy theory videos.

It is a job that I would love to find more out about and would consider it as a job in the future."