moksha beauty advert

Making the 'Moksha Beauty' advert was my first professional booking, which I acquired at age 18. I produced, filmed and edited this advert, delivering the final product to a pleased client! This was my first experience of marketing, and it led to me representing the company at business-to-business marketing events. Without this experience, I would not be in the position which I am today. It taught me the importance of organisation, communication, and storyboarding while leading a wide-scale production. 

West midlands young combined authority advert

In one of my more recent marketing contracts, I was tasked with leading the marketing and youth engagement for the new 'Young combined authority board.' 

The board was commissioned by the West Midlands Combined Authority, who then hired 'Young Giant,' who hired me! Previously I had worked with 'Young Giant' on courses and smaller commissions. 

The advert had to be modern, informing, and energising. Because of this, I chose to use a lot of different clips/ media forms to create the fast pace you see in the video. 

When soft-launched at the West Midlands Combined Authorities yearly meeting, it had a lot of positive feedback! 

Ange speaks

'Ange speaks' is a project which I co-curated, taking the role of D.O.P. (director of photography) and producer. BRM TWN collective facilitated the whole process, including pre-production. Jaz Morrison initially developed the idea of the project. Overall, the series was called 'Mono-louge Sessions'. 

The project focused on P.O.C's (people of colour) experiences around Black History Month. This project was essential to do as P.O.C. stories often get lost within the media, and can be misrepresented. The series gave the performers FULL artistic responsibility, and a platform to share their stories. 

I enjoyed the experience as it gave many people a platform to share their stories. The professional manner of the films also meant they could be used as 'showreel' by the performers. 

Test run

This is an experimental piece I curated within 24 hours with a close friend 'Prinny Maars' who is an audio producer. The film was shot on an iPhone, and edited using Premiere Pro. 

Ksense- Monologue sessions

The Mono-Log Sessions is a platform for spoken word artists and monologuers to perform their pieces inhibited and unapologetically. 


Harmony is a short film that I produced, and was D.O.P on. The short film itself is to be previewed at film festivals in Birmingham, and Ipswich. 


"Harmony is a story based on two brothers, Isaac and Jayden growing up in South London. The two siblings have had a difficult time growing up and coming to terms with the absence of their father who left them at a young age. Leaving only their mother to raise them both. Growing up in South London still had its perks, they both grew up and formed a passion for the arts and performing. "

The 'b-word'

"The Mono-Log Sessions is a platform for spoken word artists and monologuers to perform their pieces inhibited and unapologetically."

Forest fire

This was the first video which I had ever filmed/ edited! As a completely self taught filmmaker I pride myself in showing my routes, and how I began. I shot this video on a cannon 850D and used my friends as actors. 

The inspiration behind the film was a monologue my friend had wrote for her Performance Arts exam. Off the monologue I created a script which explored the dynamics of three girls, stuck in the woods trying to come to terms with their futures. 

Production Portfolio (Film and event!)

Lights Camera Network- O2


Harmony PT.1 - Short Film


Networking Events- Herculean Visuals


Black History Month Web Series


Moksha Beauty Advert


JobIT- National Youth Film Academy